February 23, 2018

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Undergraduate Education Contact Information
Contact Email
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Dr. Bethany M. Usher masonue@gmu.edu
Mason Impact and Curriculum Design Dr. Jesse Guessford masonue@gmu.edu
Assessment and Curriculum Design Dr. Stephanie Foster sfoste21@gmu.edu
Mason Core K.M. Shires masoncor@gmu.edu
Undergraduate Council K.M. Shires ugc@gmu.edu
Academic Appeals Jasmyne Rogers apugsubs@gmu.edu
Budget and Financial Administration Anthony DeMaio masonue@gmu.edu
OSCAR Inquiries, Scheduling Anthony DeMaio oscar@gmu.edu
Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Dr. Karen Lee ursp@gmu.edu
Work Study Jasmyne Rogers oscarfws@gmu.edu