October 16, 2018

Additional Summer Impact Grant Information

Examples of projects

  • Fieldwork
  • Production/play
  • Archival study
  • Focused laboratory project
  • Model/Prototypes/MIX development
  • Community-based research or collaboration
  • Consultation with business or non-profit
  • Business plan
  • Digital media
  • Curriculum
  • White paper

For examples of previously funded Summer Impact Grants, click here.

Starting 2017, we re-imagined the Project Scholarship Development grants as the Summer Impact Grants. The archived information about the earlier forms of the grants is found here.

Summer Team Project and URSP students present their research at the 2017 Summer Celebration of Student Scholarship

Preferred project characteristics

  • Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary projects (with faculty from more than one department, school, or college)
  • Students can work individually or within teams.
  • Projects that have the potential to be extended into the school year for credit. OSCAR can offer sections of UNIV391/UNIV491 Individualized Scholarly Research for this purpose, or departments can offer Inquiry/RS courses for this purpose.
  • Projects that serve as pilots for project-based courses
  • Projects that serve as pilots for external funding (NSF, NEH, etc)
  • Projects that have a plan to recruit and include a diverse team of students: under-represented, variety of majors, novice as well as experienced.


  • November 30, 2018: Deadline for Project Proposals
  • December 2018: Notification of Acceptances
  • January 1-March 15, 2019: Recruit students (OSCAR will help)
  • April 2019: Notification to accepted students
  • May 2019: Projects begin
  • May 28-June 7, 2019: Introductory weeks/bootcamps
  • June 11-August 4, 2019: Student work on projects
  • August 9, 2019: Summer Celebration of Student Scholarship, student presentations


  • Faculty can earn up to $3000 for the summer
  • Students earn $4000 stipend (same as URSP intensive) for full-time summer participation.
  • Faculty may request up to $4000 in materials or travel to support the project.
  • Need at least one faculty mentor who is a tenured, tenure-track, or term faculty member. Other mentors can be tenure-stream faculty, graduate students, administrative faculty, or adjunct faculty.
  • Sample budget per team (will vary with projected number of students and supplies need):
    • $6000 faculty (2)
    • $20000 students (5)
    • $4000 in supplies & travel

Sample Schedule

  • Week 1, M-F: Morning meetings, readings and exercises in afternoons
  • Week 2, M-F: Morning meetings, Formulation and writing research plans for individual projects
  • Week 3, M-F: Morning meetings, skill development, beginning research project
  • Weeks 4-8: Monday morning planning meeting, Monday-Thursday project work, Friday morning professional development/lab meetings/journal clubs/research project and troubleshooting. Friday lunch and afternoon – speaker and/or field trip
  • Week 9: Finalizing project, preparing research posters (same schedule as mid-weeks)
  • Week 10: Additional work on the project, preparing for next semester and next steps, presenting at Celebration of Student Scholarship on August 3rd, 2018.