July 12, 2019


2019-2020 Curriculum Impact Grant Cycle

For the 2019-2020 cycle, proposals involving any curriculum change that includes Mason Impact (at the undergraduate level) or experiential learning (at the graduate level) are encouraged. Priority in this cycle will be given to programs (majors, minors, and master’s programs) with low enrollment looking to revitalize their program by collaborating with other units in a multidisciplinary fashion.

Curriculum Impact Grant Proposal

For consideration for the curriculum impact grant, please provide all of the following as a single PDF file, including each item in the order that they appear in the list below.  The PDF should be submitted along with a project name and the name of the project team members by May 31, 2019.  A template is required for several sections of the proposal and can be downloaded in .xlsx format then included in your PDF proposal.

  1. Narrative (4 Pages total)
    -Overview: Describe your module of two or more scaffolded courses; include the units involved, the faculty involved with their roles with the team, the scope of the curriculum project, and the goals for the year of funding this grant will provide.  Make sure to discuss any co-curricular or global initiatives that are embedded or parallel to the curriculum.
    Impact: How does your course module create Mason Impact Experiences (for undergraduate courses) or inquiry-based learning opportunities for graduate courses?
    -Focus Area: If this is an undergraduate program, how does the course module relate to one of the Mason Impact focus areas (Research and Creative Activities, Civic Engagement, global activities, or Entrepreneurship)?
    -Process and Sustainability: How will these modules be sustained? What is your process for piloting and then sustaining these course modules? What will be your measures of success at both stages? If these course cross disciplines, discuss the sustainability of these collaborations after the grant.
    -University Enhancement: How will this course module enhance graduate or undergraduate offerings at Mason? Address the need for the courses (student interest, employer or community needs, etc). What new content, new teaching format, or new collaborations are being created through this curriculum?
  2. Letters of Support from chairs and/or deans of each unit involved addressing the desire for curriculum change and the sustainability of these changes in the future.
  3. Budget Sheet and justification*
  4. Grant Timeline*
  5. Curriculum Map* 

*Click Here to download a  template that includes Budget Sheet, Grant Timeline, and Curriculum Map

Questions? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Education at masonue@gmu.edu