February 7, 2019

Mason Impact Learning Outcomes

Mason Impact Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand knowledge creation: Students will understand how knowledge is generated and communicated, and how it can be used to address questions or problems in disciplines and in society.
  2. Engage multiple perspectives: Students will be able to identify and negotiate multiple perspectives, work collaboratively within and across multiple social and environmental contexts, and engage ethically with their subject and with others.
  3. Investigate a meaningful question: Students will use inquiry skills to articulate a question; engage in an inquiry process; and situate the concepts, practices, or results within a broader context.
    • Students will be able to ask increasingly complex questions about significant problems, debates, or challenges.
    • Students will be able to evaluate and choose inquiry methods that are appropriate to a project.
    • Students will be able to explain how a project has value to local, civic, professional, scholarly, or global contexts.

Outcomes for Project-based Courses (Mason Impact + RS/CECiL/ENTR)

  1. Learning Objectives 1-3 (above) +
  2. Complete a project: Students will design and carry out an individual or collaborative project that explores an original question, seeks a creative solution to a problem, applies knowledge to a professional challenge, or offers a unique perspective. Students engage deeply in this original work.
  3. Communicate and share outcomes: Students will communicate knowledge from their project through presentation, publication, or performance to an audience beyond the classroom.

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